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March 15, 2005

iPod--Nyko MoviePlayer

         Nyko MoviePlayer.
         The iPod's not just for music anymore:
         this new technology lets you store 100 movies (on a 40-gigabyte iPod)
         and watch them on the go.
         Available by late summer;
         $199 to $249.
         Go to

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Sammy Glick--Archos PM A430

     Archos PM A430.
     Hey there, Sammy Glick.
     The Pocket Media Assistant is not only a P.D.A. with wireless connectivity,
      but it's also the perfect slacker accessory:
      30 gigabytes of memory allow for 120 hours of video,
      300,000 pictures
      or 6,500 songs;
      Go to

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Internet phone --XACT IVO.


Plug this Internet phone into your computer to send or receive free calls anywhere in the world -- a small investment for a long-winded return;

$30. Available in April.

Go to


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